Please find below frequently asked questions regarding the questionnaire.

Who can submit?

Anyone.  We welcome submissions from all people from backgrounds from the general public to academic researchers to national and local governments, international and nongovernmental organisations and the private sector.  The submissions can come from those who were directly involved in the policy/instrument/framework/project/initiative or from anyone who is knowledgeable and interested in a policy/instrument/framework/project/initiative and wishes to help raise awareness of it.

When is the deadline for submissions?

End of Friday 15th June

When and where will the winning submissions be announced?

Monday 2nd July May on the project website.  Winning submissions will be directly contacted.

Do you accept submissions after the deadline?

No, unfortunately we need to close submissions promptly in order to select winners and have an established dataset for analysis.

How long will it take me to fill out?

It will vary, but 30 minutes to one hour is the typical time taken.

Can I save my progress and complete the questionnaire over several sessions?

Yes, you can. Please use our interactive PDF forms: Chinese, English, French, Indonesian, JapanesePortuguese and Spanish.  If completing by PDF, please email the form to gilby [at]  

Can I submit more than once?

We not only invite multiple submissions but we encourage it.

What type of submission are you looking for?

We are interested in any and all policies, instruments, frameworks, projects and initiatives which enable lifestyles that reduce environmental impact and improve quality of life. Our suggested areas are food, mobility, buildings, consumer goods and leisure and we are also interested in interventions that bring together a number of these areas, as well as cross-cutting initiatives such as eco-schools, innovative urban planning or sustainable communities. Examples can be items such as national food waste strategies, bus rapid transit, green buildings, waste banks, or promoting green public spaces. Further examples can be seen on our examples page.

Does it matter if I don’t have all of the information requested?

We encourage and accept incomplete submissions.  We understand that not all policies/instruments/frameworks/projects/initiatives have all of the data that we seek, but nevertheless we would like to understand the level of activity across the world in order to understand how to fill the gaps.


Do I need have been involved in the case being submitted to be selected for a grant?

No, the grant would be for sustainable lifestyles activities.  It does not need be to support the activities mentioned in the submission.


Would any submission be eligible for the micro-grant?

Yes, as long as the submission is clearly sincere and not spam.

If my submission is selected for the micro-grant, how will activities be decided?

The implementing team will help you develop activities and provide advice and guidance as necessary.

Do the activities need to be the same theme as the submission?

No, they do not.  They do need to relate to sustainable lifestyles however.

I am not very confident in my English, particularly if I am asked to a follow-up interview.  Should I still submit?

Yes please!  The implementing team either speaks or has ready access to speakers of Chinese, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish.  Moreover, we are a multi-national team and are used to working with speakers of English as a second language.  Don’t worry if you are not confident in your English.

What languages is the questionnaire in?

The questionnaire is available in ChineseEnglish, FrenchIndonesian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish.

Can I submit in other languages?

You can, but we would need to use machine language translation (such as Google Translate) to read your submission.  This could mean we are unable to understand what you have written.

I wasn’t involved in the policy/instrument/framework/project/initiative, can I still submit?

Yes, you can.  If you know about activities relating to sustainable lifestyles that you are passionate about we’d love to know too.

What are the case studies?

The case studies will be a major part of the final report and will highlight aspects of sustainable lifestyles that we find through both our research and the examples submitted through this questionnaire.

How many case studies will you select?

We will select a minimum of thirty.

If my submission is not selected for a micro-grant or a case study, will you still mention my submission on your website and report?

Yes, all submissions will be fully acknowledged both on our website and final report.

Any other questions?  Contact Us.