Welcome to the Sustainable Lifestyles Questionnaire

The way we live our daily lives – our choices, habits and the context within which we live – have a profound effect on our planet, our communities and our wellbeing.

People around the world are finding new ways to live that support quality of life within our fair share of the Earth’s resources – we need your help in revealing the thousands of solutions!

The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies and One Earth invite you to share examples of sustainable ways of living.

Fill out our questionnaire and you have a chance to join us in New York in July 2018 to present your solution at a United Nations event or another international gathering later this year.   In addition we will be selecting up to three submissions at random to receive a small grant of up to US$2,000 to hold activities in support of sustainable lifestyles.

What are we looking for?
We are interested in solutions to how we live, move, consume, eat, relax, connect with each other, and spend our time. Your work may be focused on food, mobility, housing, consumer goods, leisure – or you may bring them together in a sustainable lifestyles initiatives.

We welcome these solutions in every form such as:

  • Initiatives
  • Experiments
  • Policies and instruments
  • Frameworks and ideas
  • Business models
  • Community projects
  • Arts and education programs
  • And more….

If you’d like some initial ideas, please don’t hesitate to check out our examples page.

Thank you very much for your kind contribution to our project!  We look forward to reading your submission.  Please access the English version of our questionnaire here.  Please note it will take between 30 – 60 minutes to completeIf your Internet connection is unreliable or if you need to save your progress, we strongly recommend using our interactive PDF forms.

The questionnaire is available either via Survey Monkey or interactive PDF in the following languages: Chinese (Survey Monkey link, 下载中文版PDF形式的调查问卷), English (Survey Monkey link, PDF), French (Survey Monkey link, PDF), Indonesian (Survey Monkey link, PDF), Japanese (Survey Monkey link,PDF), Portuguese (Survey Monkey link, PDF) and Spanish (Survey Monkey link, PDF).  If completing by PDF, please email the form to gilby [at] iges.or.jp.  

Questions?  Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.


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