Below are some examples of sustainable lifestyles work which illustrate the breadth of the work going on.  Our project further examined on-going work and developed over 30 case studies, which will be published during Q4 2019.

Low Carbon Diets

Did you know that our diets can be one of the biggest impacts on the environment caused by our lifestyles?  Studies have shown that food consumption can make up almost half of the annual carbon Continue reading “Low Carbon Diets”

Transit Oriented Cities

During the age of oil, cities expanded and suburbs grew at an enormous rate.  Initially convenient, residents discovered the down side of distance from the city centre – long commutes, air pollution Continue reading “Transit Oriented Cities”

Reduced Car Use

Increased car use has brought freedom to a large number of people, but alongside this has come increasing traffic jams, worsening air quality and increasingly unhealthy lifestyles due to long commutes Continue reading “Reduced Car Use”

Green Building Design

Green buildings has become a very popular concept due to falling technology costs meaning that the development of low carbon buildings has become relatively affordable.  Green buildings Continue reading “Green Building Design”

Green Construction/Retrofit

Buildings are a major contributor to climate change, through both their use and construction.  While design techniques can certainly help lower the impact of new buildings, there needs to Continue reading “Green Construction/Retrofit”

Reduce Resource Use

Reducing resource within any given home is an easy way of reducing environmental impact.  Activities such as replacing standard bulbs with LED lights, turning off taps when brushing teeth, and Continue reading “Reduce Resource Use”

Reduce Waste

Solid waste is a significant part of global warming.  Although solid waste management and recycling has improved globally in recent years, the best waste is always the waste which is not generated.  Continue reading “Reduce Waste”

Reduce Consumption

In addition to reducing the amount of waste being sent to landfill, another key area of environmental concern is reducing the use of key materials such as paper, plastic and textiles.  Paper and plastic Continue reading “Reduce Consumption”

Local Leisure

Our leisure choices are one of the main ways in which we impact on the environment and are also a critical factor in our wellbeing.  With rapid urbanisation globally and increasingly hectic lives, Continue reading “Local Leisure”


With increasing prosperity across the globe, more and more people are undertaking long haul holidays or vacationing domestically which has been further facilitated by a boom in low cost carriers.  Many Continue reading “Holidays”

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