How are we imagining daily life in sustainable futures? Join us in exploring a collection of existing visions and scenarios and identify alternative pathways.

Sust Life Centre

Image source: Strategic Design Scenarios 2019 – visualization created as part of this project

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Human beings are blessed with the capacity to think ahead, explore, shape and respond to futures. This could be our greatest asset in the years ahead as we embark on an unprecedented journey to create new alternatives in the ways we live. The next decade requires nothing less than a complete transformation in our societies to stay within our ecological means and well below 2 degree temperature rise while also ensuring wellbeing for all and a just transition. For industrialized countries, ecological footprints need to reduce by 90%.

The scale of change boggles the mind – What will our daily lives be like? What will we eat? How will we live, move, play, work, learn, and connect with each other and the Earth? The scientific evidence for this transformative change is clear including in reports by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, International Resource Panel, the latest biodiversity and ecosystem analysis, and assessment of social inequality.  The magnitude of the change is also in many ways unimaginable, yet it is our imagination that is critical to enabling this transition. This project explores how envisioning sustainable living futures catalyzes hope and creativity and empowers us to take action on the radical solutions that are called for.